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Real Rabbits: Chasing An Authentic Life Book Cover


"Professor Ciocchetti's unique formula for chasing 'real' rabbits will resonate loudly with his readers, not only because of the importance of his message, but because of his style of delivery. Anyone can offer happy platitudes, but it takes a gifted writer like Ciocchetti to speak the language of young people and, at the same time, convey important lessons that many fail to learn, even in adulthood."
Jill Miller –Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Duke University School of Law

"Real Rabbits takes on the most important challenge for college students today – exploring questions of purpose and meaning, and finding their life calling. Ciocchetti's engaging commentary on the life lessons he has learned in his personal and professional journey will ring true to ambitious, thoughtful young people. This is an accessible guidebook for twenty-somethings, for ALL of us, really, who are seeking to lead purpose-driven, ethical lives."
Jo Calhoun –Associate Provost for Academic Resources, University of Denver

"The transition period from high school to college to the workplace is a critical, make-or-break time, but I am confident that the principles and values I learned from Real Rabbits will provide a firm foundation for me to build upon as I strive to achieve a truly meaningful life."
Grant Goerzen –Student, University of Denver


Real Rabbits is addicting. Each of its fifteen chapters encourages young adults to seek “authentic success” as opposed to worldly success. Authentic success is comprised of basic contentment, strong personal relationships and a solid character. Young people are often surprised by the fact that excessive wealth, popularity and prestige are found nowhere on this authentic success checklist. Real Rabbits is specifically designed as a road map to alter the reader’s mentality concerning what life is all about and then as a guide to chasing authentic success.

Split up into three parts – ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, AND GO – Real Rabbits lays out a mission statement designed to accomplish this important life transformation. ON YOUR MARK develops the idea that a solid foundation is a necessary first-step on this journey. A solid foundation is comprised of understanding the limited role of luck in life, developing a solid character and abiding by the Golden Rule, setting priorities and gaining a big-picture perspective. The second part of Real Rabbits develops the steps necessary after the foundation has been developed but before any reader actually attempts to be successful on a daily basis. This preparation is comprised of acting professionally regardless of the career field the reader chooses, learning to think and then thinking in order to learn, consistently persisting in every important endeavor, developing a recession-proof life and making the most of every minute (even relaxation time). The third part concludes the story by explaining how an individual can be authentically successful in real-time – as they live their lives every day. This requires the readers to cultivate relationships, to make excellent decisions, to take personal responsibility, to never fear failure and to incorporate some hustle/fight/listening and laughter into their lives.

Upon the successful completion of this journey to authentic success the readers will Shine. They will begin to be asked why they seem so content, so successful, so happy. At this point, readers are encouraged to pay their knowledge forward to others currently chasing worldly success. At the end of the day, Real Rabbits is more than just a book to be read one time – rather, it is an invaluable guide to be used consistently for guidance and encouragement.

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